What is Internet Journey?


What is "Internet Journey"?

Hello, my name is Kanichi Fujiwara, a Japanese traveler! I'm 60 years old so I'm not young. I have traveled in more than 90 countries around the world with my motorcycle, spending more than 4000 days on the road. I met many people in the world who helped me with kindness. I learned everything I had to know in life, through traveling.

Now that COVID-19 has spread all over the world, it is no longer possible to travel abroad freely. But in this situation, what can we do for foreigners who are interested in Japan? If they can't come to Japan on their own, can’t I share my trip around Japan online? With that in mind, I planned the "Internet Journey Project".

I have looked for 18 "travelers" who are interested in traveling in Japan (18 different countries around the world).
I asked them to put a name on 18 mascots and set personalities to each of them. I will be cycling around the Japan with these mascots, on behalf of the “travelers”.

Me and the mascots will visit the places where the traveler’s wish to visit.

I will upload the latest news with SNS, so travelers can feel like they’re traveling in Japan on their own.

I will pull a bicycle trailers with the mascots inside, with my electric bicycle, a very unique way to travel.
I am not young anymore, to accomplish the travel around Japan, I might need someone’s help.

My travel is from February to October 2022. After the finishing the travel, I will give the mascot along with a photo book to the “travelers”.

I want to enjoy the "Internet Journey" with you ...

Thank you very much!!


From Kanichi Fujiwara