Made a mini bus


I've been thinking for quite some time.I want to make the trailer pulled by an e-bike a minibus style.I want to travel on a vehicle that makes me feel a dream.

There is also a way to order from a vendorIt also requires a lot of money.But my money is small.I decided to make it myself.I'm clumsy so everyone is worried.

I used Google to find the best material.I came across a wonderful material called "corrugated plastic board".Durable and lightweight. There are several colors.

Wow! I found it!

Connect a large box made of corrugated plastic board to the top of the trailer.The body color is yellow, which makes you feel happy.Make a square hole on the side of the body
I put a transparent acrylic board on it to make a window.You can see the mascots from the window.

I also added a red roof.good! It looks like a minibus!Completed in 3 days.

I seem to have been talented. maybe…